Become a Referral Partner

The Wardrobe is open to all and our goal is to eliminate clothing insecurity by outfitting people for life or work. Clothing combined with personalized support helps thousands of people a year look and feel their best to move forward in their lives.

Our Referral Partner Membership is open to any social service, government agency, nonprofit, or employer that would like to provide the valuable tool of clothing and confidence to their constituents.


  • Clothing
    • Appointments for up to 100 people a year for personalized shopping with appointment types to meet your clients’ needs
    • Personalized shopping with appointment types to meet your clients’ needs
    • Appointments to be made online or by calling with a guarantee that your client will be scheduled within three (3) business days
    • Clients can make up to two (2) appointments per referral. Appointments can be for any of the following categories:
      1. Job Search: One (1) full professional outfit appropriate for a job search or interview
      2. Employment: Three (3) outfits appropriate for a new job, typically business casual 
      3. Training: Two (2) outfits for a training program Can include specialty items 
      4. General Need: Six (6) mix & match pieces for every day use

*Please note, 95% of clothing is donated. We curate the best of the best but can not guarantee any items or sizes

  • Wardrobe Passes
    • Designed for clients who have busy schedules and don’t need or want personalized attention 
    • $50 one-use shopping credit to be used by the client for whatever clothing they need 
    • No appointment necessary 
    • Usable at our Wardrobe locations in Philadelphia and Delaware County Membership comes with 50 passes, but more can be purchased separately as needed
  • Wardrobe Box & Online Appointments
    • Clients meet with a consultant virtually to discuss clothing needs and sizing 
    • Wardrobe stylists hand-pick appropriate clothing and ship directly to the client 
    • Especially for those impacted by COVID-19 or can not come for an in-person appointment
  • Professional Development Workshops
    • Partners may schedule up to two (2) free Wardrobe Workshops catered to the needs of your clients 
    • Held virtually until further notice 

Fee Structure

Referral Partner Memberships are available to nonprofits via sliding scale fee intended to make our services available to a wide variety of partners. This agreement covers a standard partnership with up to 100 referrals and 50 Wardrobe Passes per year. Fees are not dependent on the actual number of individuals who complete an appointment. Once we receive payment.

Under $100,000: Annual Fee is $100

$100K – $250K: Annual Fee is $500

$251K – $500K: Annual Fee is $750

$500K – $1M: Annual Fee is $1,000

Over $1M or Government or Corporate Partners can contact us for more information.